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Having Communication Problems isn't the Problem

Marion Grobb Finkelstein - Sunday, July 17, 2016
Do you ever have workplace communication problems? Maybe it's a difficult client, colleague, boss or employee. Perhaps it's a sponsorship deal you don't know how to initiate. Or it could be your organization has no idea how to measure it's degree of employee engagement. 

Whatever your challenge is, isn't the real problem. 
The real problem is having the tools and skill to handle it.

This past weekend, if you enjoy golf, you may have spent several hours watching the Open featuring top names in golf. Neck-to-neck competition between Swedish Henrick Stenson and American Phil Mickelson made for exciting TV. Even though Henrick won, setting new records of the lowest total ever shot in a major (and three shots clear of the lowest total in the Open), it was Mickelson that really caught my eye.

Time after time Mickelson shot himself into some difficult situations. Whack! And there he was, trapped in the rough stuff. It looked like he'd never get out. I couldn't imagine what I would do in that situation as I clearly didn't have the skills to handle a tricky shot like that - especially when the risks were so high. Talk about pressure. Then came the part that really resonated with me. Each time he found himself in such a predicament, Mickelson studied the environment, grabbed a club, then skillfully got himself out.

Sound familiar? Ever find yourself plopped into a difficult communication situation? Maybe you've unknowingly helped to create it, or perhaps you somehow inherited it. Either way, you're there and wondering what to do. Do you have a repertoire of tools you know how to use to extract yourself and minimize the damage? 

Communication challenges happen to everyone. The trick is having the skill to elegantly handle them. 

Whether it's communication or any challenge in your work or personal life, identifying it as a challenge and garnering the right skills will empower you to move confidently forward. Talk to colleagues. Learn from others. Read books. Google articles. Take courses. Get a coach. Hone whatever skills you need that are holding you back. You deserve to fly and getting those skills will give you the wings to do so.

QUESTION: In what type of communication situation or trouble spot do you consistently find yourself? What type of communication skills do you wish you had that you know would help? Tell me. Post your response below and let's see if you're facing the same challenges as others. 

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