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When you contact us to talk about booking Marion, please provide the following information:

  • WHO: target audience (description of your session attendees. What level, age, gender, background?)
  • WHAT:
    • context (this session will be part of what conference? is this an annual event? what are the other sessions, if any?)
    • duration of session requested (one hour, half-day, full-day)
    • format of presentation you would prefer (keynote, seminar, workshop)
    • how will you know if this session is a success?
  • WHEN: dates
  • WHERE: location
  • WHY: what challenges are happening with the workplace communication in your organization or industry that you'd like help with?


NOTE: Marion provides fee reductions for session requiring no overnight stays. Special fees apply to not-for-profit, registered charities.

A wonderful way for you to get “more for your money” is to invite Marion Grobb Finkelstein to present the kick-off keynote, and for a small additional fee, have her do a breakout session targeted to a more specific topic. Marion's fees are generally broken down into keynote, half-day, and full day. If you schedule Marion in the morning for the keynote and then follow with the breakout -- this is a big savings to paying two different speakers. If this option appeals to you, Marion asks that you keep the two sessions within the same part of the day, as opposed to a morning keynote and an afternoon breakout.

Another option is to have Marion present the keynote and then facilitate a panel discussion of your industry experts. This is yet another way to ensure that again, you will get “more for your money.” Marion will work with you to ensure that you get great value.

VALUE ADDED: if you're organizing a conference and want a unique "give-away" for your participants, for the cost of a snack, your conference attendees could each receive one of Marion's books -- and every time they read or see it, they'll remember your gathering. Long after your conference, the learning continues! Marion offers attractive prices for bulk book purchases.

FUNDRAISING IDEA: Is yours a non-profit organization? If so, you could buy Marion's books "by the box" at a special non-profit preferred rate and then resell at regular price, with your organization keeping the proceeds. You win and the people who buy the book win too!