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WORKSHOP: Communicate Change

(a.k.a., The Change Challenge -- Evoke positive change, and Get the support, resources, and credit you deserve for being the ROCKSTAR COMMUNICATION PRO you are!)

PERFECT FOR: Leaders (whether communication pros or not) who want to evoke change, to encourage others to adopt new procedures, or to embrace new directions. Equally fitting for communication professionals who want to allocate, justify and use limited communication resources strategically for both internal and external audiences. Also a good fit for board members, mid-level and senior managers to better understand the contribution of the communication function in their organization and want to ensure that their communication activities achieve and support organizational goals.

"I rated this session as a 10 and I NEVER give this rating!"

Participant, Project Management Institute (Ottawa)

DURATION: 60 minute (for conference break-outs or keynotes), half-day or full-day. Session content and depth will be altered to accommodate the amount of time allocated to this session by the client.

"Marion presents an organized, well researched and practical approach to increasing communication in the workplace ... emphasized hands-on adult learning ... very interactive."

Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

DESCRIPTION: Especially in times of great flux, communication is critical. Managing change is tough -- strategic communication helps. Communication is traditionally considered a "soft skill" and as such, is in jeopardy of being overlooked, undervalued or even under-funded. If you find yourself wondering how to quantify the operational impact of communication, demonstrate why communication is crucial to obtaining your organizational goals, and how you could most effectively use the communication tools at your fingertips, this is the program for you. This hands-on session pulls from Marion's strong management and marketing research background to put laser focus on clearly linking and marrying your internal and/or external communication objectives to your organizational goals, including the bottom line. You will develop communication strategies that add quantifiable value to your organization. Way beyond how to create a basic complan, this program uses a roadmap to raise communication planning to the strategic level so you increase your chance of getting the results and behaviours you desire. You will clearly demonstrate how your communication objectives contribute to achieving your organizational goals, whatever they may be. As a former Director of Strategic Communications for several national organizations, Marion shares her step-by-step system, developed over decades of trial and error, to ensure that your communication efforts provide real value to your organization.

You will use Marion's simple and strategic 5-step "COMMUNICATE CHANGE COMPLAN" to:

  • - Communicate and encourage change in a way that it will be acted upon
  • - Marry communication goals to directly support corporate objectives
  • - Spotlight communication initiatives as an integral part of any project
  • - Measure, quantify and demonstrate the value and ROI of communication efforts
  • - Ensure that the right audiences are communicated with in the right way, at the right time
  • - Create a people-driven, actionable, realistic plan your colleagues and stakeholders will understand and support
  • - Justify communication resource allocations to decision-makers
  • - Energize your communication team