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KEYNOTE: Fill 'er Up! 

(a.k.a., keys to stay positive in a negative world)

PERFECT FOR:   a thought-provoking and moving opening or closing to a conference. Ideal for audiences wanting to explore the human side of personal and professional challenges. If your tank is running on empty, this is the perfect keynote to "fill 'er up"!

(NOTE: This keynote can also be adapted as a half-day or full-day workshop full of hands-on exercises to personalize, practice and put to use the principles shared)

DURATION: 60 minute keynote (OR half-day or full-day workshop session)

DESCRIPTION: The life lessons shared in this motivating and inspirational session will resonate with your conference or meeting attendees for days, weeks, or possibly a lifetime. Through both whimsical and heart-tugging stories, Marion Grobb Finkelstein shares her belief that you can't control what life throws in your direction; you can only control how you respond to it. And (here's the juicy part), she gives you the systems and roadmap to show you HOW. Through her many personal experiences and challenges she recounts and weaves throughout this presentation, Marion demonstrates her conscious choice to turn certain life challenges and disappointments into personal gains. She will show you how you can do the same. The principles discussed can be used in both personal and professional life. This session gives you the power to take your life back, to put yourself on the agenda, and to do it all guilt-free.

"The response to Marion's keynote was terrific ...
For anyone looking to kick off a conference with an informative and uplifting presentation, I would highly recommend Marion Grobb Finkelstein. She is a polished speaker who will contribute to the success of your event."

Member, Women in the New Century Conference Organizing Committee, WEBB (Women's Educational Business Breakfast), (Ottawa, ON)

What you'll learn:

  • - 2 steps and 3 questions of the "Flip It Formula", to flip bad luck into good fortune (relax, you can handle it)
  • - how self-care isn't selfish -- it actually helps others! (reframe your thinking)
  • - how the power of choice in your attitude affects everything (you control more than you realize)
  • - what to do when goals are missed (2 simple questions to get you back on track)
  • - how to give yourself permission to change your path (without giving up your goals)

"Our attendees came up to her HOURS later (after her presentation) to say that THIS was the session that kept them talking. She created a real buzz. I'm glad we hired her. You will be too. She delivers."


Meg Hall, Ontario Association of School Board Officials

Candice @MarionSpeaks The Fill 'Er Up session at @APCCanada was great! I'm using your 3 steps to be positive today! They really work!

This keynote will bring your conference delegates on a roller-coaster ride between laughter and heartwarming pangs. Your attendees will leave smiling and feeling empowered. Marion inspires them to reach higher, stretch further, and redefine their wins and losses.