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WORKSHOP: Communicate to Connect 
(a.k.a., Why you drive me crazy and what I can do about it)

PERFECT FOR: Managers, Employees, Volunteers, Client reps, and Team Leaders who want to communicate effectively in the workplace and better connect with a variety of communication styles. This hands-on workshop is designed for professionals and healthy teams wanting to improve their face-to-face verbal communications and ability to understand and connect with others.

"I rated this session as a 10 and I NEVER give this rating!"

Participant, Project Management Institute (Ottawa)

DURATION: 60 minute, half-day or full-day. Session content and depth will be altered to accommodate the amount of time allocated to this session by the client.

OPTIONAL: If a full-day, this session could include Personality Dimensions(TM) assessments conveniently conducted  online prior to the live session. (NOTE: Marion is a certified Personality Dimensions(TM) presenter). If this option is chosen, additional fee applies.

"Marion presented an organized, well researched and practical approach to increasing communication in the workplace ... emphasized hands-on adult learning ... very interactive with her audience throughout the day."

Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

DESCRIPTION: In this session, you'll grab dozens of Marion's proven strategies and techniques for communicating in-person, face-to-face with ANY personality type. Not everyone communicates like you -- that's both the good news and the challenge. This session is a study and celebration of various communication styles with particular emphasis on exploring how introverts and extroverts connect -- or don't -- and what to do about it. You'll finally understand WHY certain people drive you crazy (they likely don't mean to), what YOU'RE doing that drives them nuts, and what YOU can do to help in either scenario. All this in a fun, supportive and constructive environment. You will never look at your communication relationships in the same way. If you find yourself wondering how and why people think and communicate so differently, this session will explain. You have a unique and different communication style, perceptions and approaches -- the skill comes in knowing how to build the bridges between your natural approach and that of others, and this session will show you how.

The best leaders focus on their employees' unique strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. 

PARAPHRASED FROM: Marcus Buckingham, who worked at Gallup 20 years researching employee engagement

The challenge? How to identify those strengths. Being "Personality Dimensions" and "True Colors" certified, Marion will use her expertise to help each member of your team tap into their natural talents and recognize the unique contributions they bring to the workplace.

You will:

  • -Identify your personal communication style (get new insights and understanding)
  • -Celebrate diversity in communication styles (build an appreciative work culture)
  • -Connect better with those "difficult" people (who may not be difficult, just different)
  • -Adapt your own personal communication style to build bridges with others, while still remaining authentic (build relationships without selling out)
  • -Understand and relate to both "big picture" and "detailed" thinkers (communicate so others really "get" what you're saying)
  • -Recognize and connect with both introverts and extroverts (build teams and respect)

"As a result of this one-day training, participants reported an increase in morale, marked increases in their communication skills and their understanding of how to effectively communicate, and (participants believe) there is a 80% likelihood that this training will help them perform their jobs better.""
Director Human Resources, Corporate Services Branch, Health Canada (Ottawa, ON)

  • ** Complaining Cathy
  • ** Interrupting Ingrid
  • ** Gossipy Gretel
  • ** Angry Andy
  • ** Rambling Randy
  • ** Silent Sam

"The thing that distinguishes Marion from other presenters is her genuine energy and obvious commitment to making an impact...  the feedback afterwards was overwhelmingly positive... our employees are still talking about what they learned and applying key principles in their day-to-day communications... well worth the investment ... excellent session and one which I highly recommend!"
Vice-President, Tiree Workplace Facility Solutions (Ottawa, ON)