Communicate in the workplace ... 

to get your message heard


Marion's workshops are bold, lively and practical. They'll help you and your organization increase productivity, teamwork and confidence in workplace communication. They are full of hands-on, proven and powerful workplace communication tips ripped from Marion's real-life, 30-plus year management and communication experience.

* Add Value (& raise your profile) in the Workplace (without sounding like a blowhard) 

PERFECT FOR:   Employees or managers who want to contribute more, increase performance, and maximize how they impact their organizations -- and earn some recognition in the process. It`s a perfect choice for managers advising and coaching employees in their leadership skills and career paths. This session is suitable for leaders at all levels, emerging and existing managers, and those in Human Resources positions. read more →


* At Your Service
(a.k.a., Avoid the Service Sins ... Create a Heavenly Customer Experience)
PERFECT FOR: Anyone who wants to increase the level of client satisfaction you and your organization provide. You're an admin pro, sales person, client rep or a manager providing a service to your internal colleagues or external customers and stakeholders -- they're all your clients. You work for a public, private or not-for-public organization that is client-oriented and interested in fostering customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and repeat business. read more → 

* Communicate Change 

(a.k.a., The Change Challenge -- Evoke positive change, Get the support, resources and credit you deserve for being the ROCKSTAR COMMUNICATION PRO you are!)

PERFECT FOR:  Leaders (whether communication pros or not) who want to evoke change, to encourage others to adopt new procedures, or to embrace new directions. Equally fitting for communication professionals who want to allocate, justify and use limited communication resources strategically for both internal and external audiences. Also a good fit for board members, mid-level and senior managers to better understand the contribution of the communication function in their organization and want to ensure that their communication activities achieve and support organizational goals. read more → 

* Communicate to Connect

(a.k.a., You're driving me Crazy! -- How to Respond to the Crazy People at Work)
PERFECT FOR: Managers, Employees, Volunteers, Client reps, and Team Leaders who want to communicate effectively in the workplace and better respond to a variety of communication styles. This hands-on workshop is designed for professionals and healthy teams wanting to improve their face-to-face verbal communications and ability to understand and connect with others. 

* Have Your Say, Get Your Way

(... without being a bully or beeyotch)

PERFECT FOR:  Biz owners, Managers, Volunteers and Employees at all levels, who want to get heard, influence decision-makers and communicate concerns. If you find yourself in situations where you wonder if you should speak up or walk away, if you wish you had a step-by-step formula to express yourself in difficult situations, if you want to say what you’re really thinking and just don't know how, then this program is for youread more →

* Network Like a Pro
(a.k.a., From shy to schmooze without sounding cheesy)

PERFECT FOR: Business people who want to get the most out of conferences, workshops, tradeshows, workplace social functions and other networking opportunities. Especially useful for those who feel uncomfortable in mix'n mingle circumstances and don't know how to identify and leverage the opportunities to build relationships and biz. read more → 

* OMG, the Media's here!

(a.k.a., How to Manage -- not muddle -- Your Way Through a Media Interview) 
PERFECT FOR: Media Relations Officers and Communication spokespeople new to the role who speak to media and want to avoid making big mistakes made public. Also a great fit for managers, senior leadership, Board members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are called upon for media statements and interviews ... and want to feel comfortable and confident doing so. read more → 
* Sponsorship 101 
(a.k.a., Pitch, Pitch, Pitch ... That's All You Do)
PERFECT FOR: Marketing and Business Development officials new to the job, who want to learn the basics of launching and running a Sponsorship program. Also excellent for senior level leadership of private sector, professional Associations, and not-for-profit executives and Board Members, looking to explore the possibilities of creating a new revenue stream ... and doing it right. read more → 

"Marion is an EXCELLENT speaker!!! What a natural. She IMMEDIATELY places the spotlight on her audience not herself and creates engaging exercises for the audience to interact with each other. She generates a buzz of interest, energy and excitement. Her information is not only informative but her style of presenting it keeps her audience interested and riveted in their seats."
Susan Zimmer, Author of I Love Coffee!